The end paper design of stylized scarabs was photocopied onto Ingres paper and fixed with a clear Krylon coating.

Close-ups of the headbands showing how the silk carries the design into the headbands

The design grew out of the story. A murder takes place in an advertising agency housed on two floors, accessed via a circular staircase or an elevator. A harlequin's mask is used as a disguise by the hero and a scarab is the murder weapon!

"Something told me you would be the ideal person to bind this book, and I WAS RIGHT!  Everything, the design, the choice of colors, and most importantly the superb execution, are everything I had hoped for.  You abstracted central elements of the book and incorporated them into a superb design… It's wonderful work.  I am very proud to own this treasure..."

Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy Sayers

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