Deborah Evetts Book Conservation, LLC

"Thank you so much - the Mary Cassatt looks just marvelous. You did an excellent job (cleaning, repairing and reframing) and I know my sister will be very very pleased."   

"The magnificent job you did in rescuing the Seder book (page repairs, and indexing), stabilizing everything and coordinating the calligraphy was something way beyond a professional job."

"My husband was admiring his Gershwin book last night and said... not just that you thought to do it (rebind and box a music score) but that it's so well done."  

"I am truly satisfied both with your fine restoration of the original Edmund Bacon’s Journal, 1843 (Scotch tape removal, page repairs, rebuild old board edges, reback and thirteen facsimile copies) and with the copies that were made."   

"What a magnificent job of repairs (joint repairs)! The books look wonderful to me, and I can't imagine how you worked your magic!"

“You are such an artist! Thank you for this gorgeous repair of The Fortunes of The Rougons!” (Émile Zola, London 1898)


“... I have had a few minutes to sit quietly and marvel at your artistry. What a fabulous job you did!  If anything you have improved it as well as put it back together.” (Grolier binding that was rebacked).

"Many thanks - the Robin Hood (Publisher 's Binding that was rebacked) is beautiful - great all around."

"Thank you! Thank you from the lucky library that looks simply glowing "post Evetts" (the books were all cleaned and treated). I thank you from me - who not only had the glory of the rejuvenated books to see and enjoy - but who also enjoyed having you... here with us at home."

"As usual you did world-class repairing (to the leather binding) on the Troy Sentinel ."

"I am delighted by the restoration of my three (17th century leather bound) books. You are, indeed, a master of the art."

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