Judging a book by the covers: London Times Exhibition Review
"... British Library exhibition did also show a few binders combining excellent handicraft with bold, stylish and sympathetic design. Deborah Evetts bound Herman
Melville's Billy Budd: Sailor in different shades of goatskin - for the sky, the sea, the deep - with onlaid fish and tooling suggesting nets." (Exhibition reviewer Jim McCue comparing modern bindings with their 19th century counterparts.)

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Deborah Evetts Book Conservation, LLC

Billy Budd Sailor by Herman Melville

Billy Budd Sailor, Married Mettle Press, New Jersey, 1987. Five shades of scarf-joined goatskin with yellow onlays and gold and blind tooling.

This design was inspired by the movie Around the World in Eighty Days. From a wonderful shot up into the rigging came the criss crossing of gold lines that overlays the five colors of leather, depicting the sky, the horizon, the sea with leaping dolphins and the different depths of the ocean

Deborah Evetts Book Conservation, LLC

The endpapers were made by pasting a marbled paper, cut to follow the wave like swirls, onto a dark blue Moriki paper.

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